The Inn in the long street!


I long for the night does fall that′s all,

I′d like to go with you, you are so soft.

No-one at home you′ve gone.

I walk and talk, I go on and ask Juan.

You were seen and I call,

I wonder where you hide,

I need another guide.

Maybe upstairs high at the loft,

no-one there I′m in two minds ′cause my to and fro!

Now it is only one left and I go weak.

The Inn in the long street.

There are the people I do need.

There′s a place where I get help

and the strength myself to feed.

The Inn in the long street.

I long for the night does fall, right now.

In the dark I′m off-shore and I′ve fun.

There′s a niche, where I′m at home.

There′s my life, to the fore I′ve more

and it′s on the run, I think over the age of sixty-one.

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