Alter Ego (auf Englisch)


Alter Ego
Homicide ‘n’ Havoc, from phatos and phobos,
Nasty Mannheim downsouth to upnorth ratio is logos,
Yabgu back in the days spreading sulfur and horrors,
Having thoughts for ten day tomorrows,
Too many thoughts and one life to borrow,
Too many losts caused by the poisoned costs,
Constant brawls with new knife wars,
Knight’s roars in brand new uniforms,
God like warlords on their self made war thrones,   
Mechanic horses and soldiers with roaring sword’e’s,
Dragons with a missile bomb death breathe,
Many reasons for man’ies and animal’ies want to flee,
Blood streams look like blood venes forced to be a blood sea,
Bombs explode, Body losts, children die, parents cry,
No different between human flesh and milky ice-cream,
Oil rain, cash brain, one pain, one game,
Give me these and give me that, bring me peace or bring me death,
Power is used, hearts abused, news are misused, guns are loose,
Mighty Tengri thou surround us, we are fools,
we lost our reasons, please help us, please help those.

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